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May 11, 2017

Yelp Pizza Party with Giordano’s

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So, about a year ago my best friend Maria told me about Yelp. Actually, she told me about Yelp Elite parties. One of her old friends who had taught in Seoul at the same time as us had moved back to California. While she was visiting her there she attended a Yelp Elite party with her. She told me that in exchange for writing reviews of businesses and posting pictures, you could become elite and be invited to awesome parties with free stuff. Since I do that anyways, she told me I should definitely do it so I can enjoy Yelp’s awesome Elite parties!

I figured I’d give it a try and started looking up things on Yelp. I’ve been a big user of  Foursquare but in the past few years I haven’t used it much. In pursuit of elite, I started reviewing the places I went and uploading my photos. I’m always taking pictures of my food (guilty!) so this was pretty easy for me. After a few months, voila! I was elite. So fancy!

I’m guessing that Indianapolis isn’t as hoppin’ as other cities in the USA, but there was a steady flow of elite events. Soon enough I saw a posting for a party with Giordano’s Pizza downtown and I barely squeezed in an RSVP before it was full. People are serious about their pizza!

Chicago deep dish is a favorite of mine, and whenever I get down to Chicago I have to grab a personal cheese deep dish pizza from Giordano’s. I was so happy when I went last time to see that they had a little pizza kiosk on the pier so I didn’t have to wait forever at the restaurant. It’s so crowded!

When my friend said that Yelp events were awesome she wasn’t exaggerating. There was so much food coming out of the kitchen I started to get worried that I would be full by the time we got to the main event – the deep dish pizza! I had some amazing bruschetta, I almost wanted to just get a whole tray of that and eat it by myself! They had some great calamari (not chewy at all) and their house and chopped salad. I couldn’t have their chopped salad because there was bacon in it but many people were raving over how great the honey mustard dressing was. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could eat most of the things they brought out. It was mostly seafood and vegetarian options.

Chef Jesse came down from Chicago and told us more about the history of Giordano’s and gave us a live demo on how the pizza is made. He even brought out dough and let us have a try at tossing it in the air ourselves! He brought out pepperoni and spinach/cheese pizzas for us to try, and man was I happy for a vegetarian option! I definitely stuffed my face to the max. To make it even better, they sent us all off home with leftover pizza and a whole frozen cheese deep dish pizza for us to enjoy at home! The cheers were deafening upon hearing the news, haha. Talk about the best Yelp party ever…

See how happy I was to get a free pizza? Pretty much if someone says pizza, I’m down. 😀

Q: Do you like Chicago style deep dish pizza?

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