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March 13, 2017

Why Haven’t You Visited Nashville?

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Yooooo. There is no Autumn without travel. I swear if I sit too long in one place, I started getting antsy. I’m looking longingly at other’s travel posts online. Don’t even get me started on instagram location tags… I can easily lose a few hours browsing those.

I’m always dreaming about visiting faraway places. I spend months saving money to jet off on 14+ hour plane rides to the other side of the world. I even relocated to two other countries. I’ve traveled outside of the US so many times that it might be surprising that when it comes to travel within the United States… I’m not a seasoned traveler. I’ve just always been interested in seeing the places that have are so very different than what I know.

However! Now that my husband and I are considering relocating once again overseas, I’ve been looking at travel in the United States with a different view. There are so many cool places here too that deserve some attention… I’m losing my chance! So… off I go. I started with the easiest location for me. Nashville, IN is a short 40 minute drive from Bloomington and is a gorgeous location for an Indiana day trip!

Oh, where to start? The weird zoo on the ride there (I definitely saw a camel)? The cute little streets filled with charming houses and shops? The candy shop, the ice cream shop? The quirky coffee shop filled with books and games? There was so much to do in Nashville and I loved every minute of it! To make it even better, most of the trees were blooming their beautiful flowers. It just made the street view even more magical.

Nashville is really popular in the fall and spring due to the great weather and foliage. Visiting during winter was nice because you can enjoy the sights without being elbow to elbow with tourists. Since it’s almost spring, trees were flowering without the crowd! It was calm and peaceful. I’m such a sucker for flowers in any form so just walking down the streets and seeing the trees with their flowers was my idea of a good time! I bet we could take some epic couple photos there.

We ducked into a coffee shop down an alley and got our caffeine fix in a really unique setting filled with books and games… it reminded me a little of the game cafes in Seoul. This was over-decorated, eclectic and filled to the brim with items. Someone came in and bought eggs from the barista while we were sitting… it definitely has a small town feel!

There were a ton of small shops to browse. The candy shop near the tourism center had a huge selection of candy and I was impressed with how many varieties of black licorice they carried! I bought a few for my husband and made sure to head down the street to the popcorn shop to grab some toffee popcorn, another favorite!

Overall, Nashville was an awesome way to experience the small town vibe. Don’t forget to grab some ice cream on the way out of town!


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  • I’ve watched the show called Nashville which I really liked, so this brought back a few TV show memories! The trees blossoming look beautiful and Nashville looks so charming.

    • It is very charming! It was nice to visit during the off season and not have to compete with all of the tourists!

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