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November 3, 2015

What’s In My Purse?

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Whats-In-My-Purse edited Ugh! Flu and every other sickness under the moon is upon us again. I feel it more than others with my batch of preschoolers. Everyone has been so sick lately, I’ve barely had half of my class there each day! If it wasn’t vomiting, it was diarrhea. If it wasn’t diarrhea, it was a bad cough. I even had one come down with strep throat. Needless to say… my assistant teacher quickly came down with something the following week. And now it’s my turn! 🙁

painting macaroni preschool

This happens every year, and I’m always just a little late to prevent myself from getting sick entirely. So I’m going full speed ahead so that I won’t be sick anymore in the future. I hate missing work believe it or not. I can’t relax at home because I keep thinking about who is subbing in my room and if they are doing a good job of keeping my kiddos on schedule and having fun. No matter what, a day with a substitute teacher is going to be crazy (especially for preschool!) but you really never know who you are going to get in your room. They could be amazing or they could be a disaster. I just prefer to be in control of my classroom myself where I know the kiddos are having fun, safe and doing the right thing.

So to keep my body in tip-top shape, I’m sharing a What’s In My Purse? kind of post. I see them ALL of the time on YouTube and on other blogs and as weird as it is, I really enjoy them. I’m the same way with hauls. I could watch those all day! I can’t be the only one because they have tons of views too haha… us ladies love to shop and show off what we got I guess. 😉

cleaning the pumpkin

I made sure to include a lot of things that will keep my immune system happy. I stopped by Walmart on the way home and stocked up on all of the essentials. I wouldn’t want to miss a day of fun at school! I’ve been doing lots of mini-lessons with them as well about the importance of hand-washing. A few of them still put toys in their mouth so we have been SUPER good about washing and sanitizing. The yuck bucket is my new best friend.

Inside are a few of my favorites!

  • Sunglasses: The sun is still strong outside despite the weather getting colder. My eyes are so sensitive I have to make sure I have a pair of sunnies available at ALL TIMES!
  • Emergen-C Immune+ Chewables: Emergen-C is so amazing. I like their powder as well, but these are so easy to take. During the day, I forget to drink water a lot because I’m doing so many things with my students and since we don’t get to use the restroom as often as we want, I’ve become kind of used to not drinking a lot in the mornings. A great way to get immune support during the day. I’m going to need a lot of that in these coming months!
  • ChapStick Total Hydration: I love that these are 100% Natural. Since I don’t drink a ton of water during the school day my lips tend to be on the drier side. This feels great on.
  • Hand Lotion: The amount of times that I have to wash my hands during the day is a bit obscene. The soap is so hard on my hands and I have to put lotion on afterwards or I would be in some serious pain by the end of the day. I like to use a super moisturizing one.
  • Centrum VitaMints: Ah, here is a baby moment. I can’t take pills. Well, I can but it’s really freaking hard. Very small pills I seem to have a grasp on biggers ones… no way. It’s the struggle life. So I really appreciate these chewable mints because it spares me the mental anxiety. No chalky taste, just cool mint flavor. I’m constantly down on the kid’s level during the day and I like that I’m not killing them with nasty breathe. Gets my vitamins in too!

centrum vita mints and emergenc

My germ-prevention lessons are in full swing so hopefully future sickness will be kept at a minimum. This age is just prone to it thought and it’s not fully preventable. Hopefully the healthy habit of washing their hands will stick with them! And we will continue to wash and sanitize like mad. 🙂

Q: How do you keep healthy during flu season?

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  • Hello Autumn, I agree with you about Hauls and “what’s in my purse?” posts, I’ve been thinking about doing one of those too! You are inspiring me to try it out! In our house, we like the Emergen-c too, my hubby is always taking it through cold season!

  • maria @ close to home

    after a day like that with the kids, I definitely could use some of these great products.

  • Jamie

    I agree, it’s important to stay healthy! Littles are adorable but they have big germs 🙂 All those items are wise!

  • Jessica C

    As Moms, we tend to worry about our children more than ourselves but this was a reminder for me that I need to carry more of these items in my purse. Especially the Emergen-c!

  • Angela LeMoine

    Yes!!! With two young boys… this time of year is tough but with the right supplements we can all stay healthy!

  • Momma Told Me

    Those Emergen-C Chewables are so convenient to toss in the purse and go. We always have a little seasonal bug kit in the purse for messes and ‘under the weather’ surprises.

  • Jessica

    I never find things in my purse when I need them. I need to get more organized. These are great tips, and I need to put a few winter weather essentials in my purse.

  • Okay I’m running to get the Centrum Vita-mints today!! Awesome idea! And my purse looks just like this. Not because I’m around kids, but I work in an environment of cubicles where adults don’t cover their mouths when they cough and come to work sick. Stay healthy!

  • adriana nudo

    These are great purse essentials! I love that bag too!

  • Nice post – I always top up on my vitamins, especially Vitamin C at this time of year with the dissolvable barocca style ones – it might just be a placebo but it makes me feel better. 🙂

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