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July 23, 2013

Walking Around Okayama

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I’m totally bitten by the travel bug. I want to go everywhere! There is something amazing about transporting yourself to a totally new place where you are surrounded by sights and sounds that are so different than what you are used to. Those first days in a new place are truly magical. When I got to Okayama, I had the same feeling. It was almost overwhelming to be in Japan for the first time.

Walking in Okayama - Stream with Trees

Of course, I didn’t waste time exploring my surroundings. The principal of my school loaned me one of her husband’s bicycles and I was ready and raring to go! I still remember the feeling of gliding down the tiny streets around my apartment on that bike… everything was exciting and there was so much to look forward to in the next three months. It was exhilarating.

Walking in Okayama - Street View

I hadn’t really done much research on Okayama before I came, which is weird for me. I was so busy finishing up my preschool student teaching and submitting all of my papers that I just didn’t have time to check anything out. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked when I first got to Okayama. All of my ideas about Japan were pretty much centered around Tokyo and some of the more bigger cities in Japan. Okayama definitely had a different vibe. The airport is kind of in the middle of nowhere, so when I landed it looked like I was in the wilderness!

Walking in Okayama - Stream

Okayama is definitely not Tokyo, filled with bright lights and huge buildings. It’s a very laid back city with a small town vibe, even though it’s actually a large city to me. Thinking back on it now, I’m so embarrassed! I had a very stereotypical view of what Japan would be. I remember sitting in the back of the principal’s car as she drove me to my apartment and thinking to myself, “Where are all the bright lights?” Sigh.

Walking in Okayama - No Bike Parking

One of the things that used to crack me up is that were so many signs downtown that told you that you could not park your bike in that area… and it would be surrounded by bikes. Not a few bikes… tons. Talk about sticking it to the man! It didn’t seem like anyone cared and I never saw the police enforcing the rules. Actually, I only remember seeing a police car once while in Okayama. :S

Walking in Okayama - Cars on the Street

A lot of residential buildings in Okayama are actually pretty bland in the sense that they use a lot of neutral colors that are very natural. My apartment building was a mix of boring greys and used a ton of metal. The businesses did use a lot of flashy colors and signs, but it was nowhere near the level that I had in mind. It’s on a much smaller scale, but still gives you a taste of what is in store in some of the bigger cities. Even downtown had so many trees and flowers. So clean!

Walking in Okayama - Seller on the Street

Q: Are you bitten by the travel bug like me with Okayama? What is the vibe of the city you live in? 

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  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Gorgeous shots! You always take such great pictures. <3

    • Thank you dear! ♥ I try.

  • At first I thought you went to Osaka, and then I read properly, and went ooooh Okayama. Wait, what? Where is Okayama? Is it near Tokyo or even Osaka? Haha

    • Haha, no! Okayama is definitely not well known. It is about an hour from Hiroshima by the normal train. 🙂

  • Kallen Shoukei Nava

    Aww lovely pictures!!♥

  • Lovely place 🙂 That photo with bicycles made me miss the moments with my elementary friends 🙂

    • 🙂 It’s such a different scene from my background.

  • emtha

    Looks fantastic!! Your posts always give me the urge to go adventuring!

    • I think that’s a good thing! 😉

  • Alia

    I love travelling. There’s always so much to discover in new place. I haven’t been to Okayama, so I love seeing your beautiful photos of it!

    • I know! I can’t wait to travel again!

  • oh and followed u via Bloglovin’ 😛

  • Kawaii Ryn

    oh my, it’s wonderful place~~~ i love your photos!!



    • It is! Thank you dear

  • Michelle Bugante

    Yes, I too, have been bitten by the travel bug. You are right. There’s something so exhilarating about being in a foreign place that’s so different from what you’re used to. It makes me so excited to explore and it makes me feel so free! Where I am now (Manila) is very hectic and busy. The traffic is crazy and it’s very stressful sometimes but I love the fast-paced life! 🙂

    • It’s hard not to be bitten! It’s so wonderful to experience new things. I can see the benefits of both the slow and fast life. I think I like a healthy mix of the two. 😉

  • I’m lucky, I’m a teacher so it opens up a lot of opportunities for me to teach overseas. Otherwise I would be in the same boat! Thanks for the add girl, you are so sweet!

  • Exactly! People here all seem to know each other the further you get from the city. It’s nice. 🙂

  • Thank you!

  • Ahh this is like my perfect kinda town (city) – where I live is a little bit smaller than this but it has everything in it. Ok, no big shopping malls but it’s ok – I just prefer it to be something quiet but with a very good vibe in the atmosphere. I love the look of that food stands though hehe. x

    • I like being in smaller towns but a larger town not too far away. I’m living like that now and I’ll be moving to a really big city soon. It will be so different!

  • Somdyuti

    I always always always wanted to live in a city like this. The environment is so beautiful. I’m not really fond of quiet places, but sometimes it’s all that I crave. <3

    • Yeah, we all need some solitude every one in awhile. I think it gets worse as we age, hehe

      • Somdyuti

        LOL don’t even get us started on that one. Each birthday I feel like I’m growing old and old haha.. 😀

  • Gina Bestari

    I head Okayama is famous for its food! did you try anything delish from there????

    • Okayama is famous for certain fruit, in particular the peach and grape!! I came in the wrong season and I’m still regretting!! 🙁

  • nurina adhalia

    oh, i love your picture, wish i can go there one day, okayama looks so peacefull and great 🙂

    • Please visit, you will love it!

  • Stephanie Indah Mulya

    you took such nice pictures! Love <3 #GIG

  • Rika Nathania

    The city looks really nice <3
    I never heard Okayama before, what I knew were only the big cities in Japan, like Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido x3
    I'm glad to visit your web, it enlarge my knowledge about new things 🙂 hehe.

    • Yeah, I was the same way. I was actually going to Hiroshima at first but then I switched to Okayama. I thought I’m missing out by being in a smaller city but I loved it!! So perfect for me.

  • You always has the best place 🙂 hihih 🙂

  • such a nice place. i wanna go there soon!

  • Oh yes!!! I was born with a traveller inside of me. Right now I´m living in more a village type place. Easy to do it all in just a half an hour 😉 Meaning very little to see other than the local grocery store.

    • Those are nice places, but I think I would get so bored after awhile!

  • cindy tong

    Im def bitten by travel bug… Omg if i hv all the money to travel…

  • Natasha

    WOW!!! Looks amazing! I would love to travel.

    • Thank you! I hope you get a chance soon. 😉

  • Beauty_Blogette

    The photos are beautiful!

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