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November 20, 2013

Visiting a Nursing Home in Japan

Visiting a Nursing Home in Japan - Shaking Hands
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Do you remember my post about digging for sweet potatoes at a nursing homeย in Japan? Well, we did a little more than just dig for sweet potatoes. We had actually been preparing for a whole month for this day. The parent of a boy in my class actually works at that nursing home and she invited us to visit and become friendly with the elderly people there. We found a good song about friendship and practiced very hard for our performance. My coteacher said the song was very famous for kids to sing about being friends with older people. Visiting a nursing home in Japan became a richer experience for sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Visiting a Nursing Home in Japan - Sweet Potato Snack

To thank us for our effort, the kitchen prepared a delicious sweet potato dessert called daigaku imo, a type of candied sweet potato using honey. Super delicious!

Visiting a Nursing Home in Japan - Watching the Performance

The kids did an excellent job singing their song and all of the people there had a great time. Quite a few people were actually shedding tears while they sang. I think it was a little shocking to the kids because I could see they didn’t quite understand what was going on judging by their curious glances.

Visiting a Nursing Home in Japan - Shaking Hands

After we finished, all of the kids went one by one and shook the hand of every person there. I could tell that the people there really appreciated the kids’ performance and cared. It reminded me of my grandma who would always take my hand and say kind words to me every timeย we would visit. Some things are the same everywhere. :)

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  • c.brody

    Awww that’s such a sweet story. It’s the little things that melt our hearts.

    • Autumn

      It is. I had to admit that I got a little teary eyed myself seeing them cry while watching the performance. I felt my age. :(

  • YomiC

    That’s really sweet and it’s awesome experience for both the children and the teachers <3

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    • Autumn

      It was! Thanks for the invite. :)

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