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May 7, 2013

Tea Forté Haul

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I love tea. It wasn’t always that way though. Tea isn’t really popular in my family, and I didn’t know a lot of families around me who were into tea either when I was growing up. Fast forward to college and my travels in Egypt and I feel like I was introduced to a whole new world. I got to try milk tea, a staple drink to most Egyptians I know. I later married an Egyptian and milk tea was basically an everyday thing for me. It is so delicious to drink a piping hot cup of tea every morning.

After that, I grew quite fond of tea. My husband isn’t as adventurous as I am, but we like to find new teas to try out. I recently received a $20 credit to Rue La La, and Tea Forté was having a flash sale for their website. I couldn’t resist!

Tea Forté Haul

Yay for tea! I actually had already tried a few of Tea Forté’s teas because they sent out a sampler in Birchbox of their Skin-Smart teas. I really loved them back then! The teas that were sent were targeted for skin health. I was a fan of the cucumber mint!

I decided to purchase their Sencha Green Tea as well as their Coconut Chocolate Truffle Tea. I think the reasoning for buying the Coconut Chocolate Truffle Tea is self explanatory. 😉 I love coconut and chocolate, so I can’t wait to try this one out. I was really excited to see Sencha Green Tea on their website because I’ve been craving green tea like mad since I left Japan. I can’t seem to find a good quality green tea in my town that tastes like the Iyemon bagged version that I drank daily there. I’m hoping this one from Tea Forté will match the taste and color!

Tea Forte Butter Yellow Tea Infuser

I also decided to pick up the Tea Forté Luci Loose Tea Infuser in butter yellow. I’m already in love with it! I didn’t have a tea infuser so I thought I would pick up this one to enjoy the loose leaf teas that I purchased from Tea Forté. The infuser is super adorable and fits perfectly in my tea mug. 😉 I love that it comes with a little matching tray that you can put your infuser on after steeping your tea to catch the drips! Very convenient.

Usually, my tea is in bagged form. I’m looking forward to trying loose leaf! One of my friends swears by loose leaf and says the flavor of the tea is stronger and more delicious or pure. I hope so!

I opened the canister that held the Coconut Chocolate Truffle Tea for just a second and the delicious smell is still lingering, hmm! Have you tried any teas from Tea Forté?

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  • Yay! I am a tea lover and am so happy to get different kinds of tea here in France but haven’t tried any tea from Tea Forté! Btw, I love your name – it’s really beautiful! x

  • I cannot WAIT to hear about the coconut tea! That sounds drool-worthy! 🙂

  • c.brody

    I’m glad that you enjoy trying out new teas. I went through some tea exploration when I was a teen. I discovered that I only like chai and English black tea but I do drink any tea that is offered to me when I am at someone’s house.

  • Jayly

    OMG I just love your Blog ❤ would you please check out mine and tell me what you think about ? It will make my day !

    • Thanks dear! Will do <3

  • Yay another tea lover. I’m a big tea lover. <3 xoxo #giglove

  • nonfashionista

    This tea infuser looks so cool! Loving the tea flavors!

  • K

    I love tea! have you tried TWG tea?

    • No! What would you recommend?

  • My sister is addicted to tea but I’m a coffee lover. Those would be perfect as gifts formy sister<3

  • Great haul. I don’t drink tea nor coffee though :p

  • oooh the sencha green tea looks interesting

  • No I haven´t tried any from Tea Forte. Although I love the pomegranate flavor from Whittard of Chelsea.

    • That sounds amazing. 🙂

  • Ira Kharchenko
  • Sarvin Sidhu

    I’m a tea lover! 😀

  • thinacruz

    OMG! I love teaaaaaaa! My current favorite is Fruit Tea or anything with berry in it! It smells so good 🙂

  • that coconut chocolate truffle tea just sounds amazing!!! now i am going to hunt downa cocount tea 😛

  • I love tea! Would love to try the teas that you purchased

  • Alia A.G.

    I’m a tea drinker too! I love trying new teas! I haven’t tried this brand, but it looks great!

  • i prefer tea than coffee, unfortunately i haven’t tried tea forte.. but i am willing too =)


  • Somdyuti D. Ray

    I’m more of a coffee person. But I like tea too. Especially when I’m down with cold, and my mum makes me tea with ginger. It’s really soothing. But, I totally hate green tea. It tastes so horrible, though everyone emphasises it’s excellent for health. hehe..

    • I used to feel that way as well! The green tea is bitter and nasty. However, I realized it was just the quality of the green tea… the brands here in the US are not good. When I went to Japan, I feel in love with it. Not bitter at all, a very light and pure taste with a beautiful light green color. The ones in the US are bitter and a murky green. I think the trick is to get good quality Japanese standard green tea. Totally worth it!

      • Somdyuti D. Ray

        Green tea in my city is equally bitter. The smell of it makes me dizzy. I don’t think I ever want to try green tea again. haha.. 😀

  • Yes, so great for the skin and health!

  • Nope, I haven’t tried any of their teas yet. I think the brand isn’t available locally here 🙂 I wonder how the tea infuser works. I’ve never had loose leafed teas before! I’ve only ever bought the ones in bags. 🙂

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