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July 19, 2013

Takoyaki in Okayama Station

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Let me preface this blogpost by saying that this is really about takoyaki. But first, let me tell you a little story about my missed opportunity with the peach!

When I was in Japan, I tried my best to try all of the ‘famous’ foods. When I first arrived here, my co-teachers kept telling me how every area of Japan is famous for a certain food. I was a little bummed because I didn’t really travel around that much because of my budget! I had only planned to travel to one or two locations other than Okayama due to the high prices for the train. To make it even worse, Okayama is famous for peaches. Sounds great, right? Except I came during the wrong season, so there were no peaches available. I may never taste the great Okayama peach. 🙁

Takoyaki in Okayama Station - Store Front

One of the foods that I wanted to try while in Japan was takoyaki. Tako means octopus and yaki means to fry or grill. Takoyaki is basically a fried ball of dough that has minced octopus in the middle. It’s cooked in an unique ball shaped pan and is usually topped with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Japan loves their mayonnaise! My co-teacher told me Osaka was the place to go for a good takoyaki, so I made a mental note to seek that out. I had a Malaysian friend studying in Osaka so I made a good excuse to go visit of course. 😉

Takoyaki in Round Pans

Except… I didn’t eat any takoyaki in Osaka. Instead, I ate a custard tart from a bakery and blew chunks shortly after. Needless to say, I didn’t eat much in Osaka and headed back home to Okayama. I didn’t even think of takoyaki once during that time! CRAZY. Also, I felt horribly guilty to my friend in Osaka. I literally ruined our visit by throwing up in her bathroom and leaving the next morning. We didn’t hang out at all as planned. 🙁

Takoyaki in Okayama Station - Menu on Wall

So it came time for me to go home and I decided that I couldn’t go home without trying takoyaki. My co-teachers seemed to love it and had little parties where they made takoyaki together. I figured it had to be delicious! I had seen a takoyaki place in Okayama Station, so I just took the plunge and figured I might as well try it. Takoyaki can’t be that different in other cities, right?

Well, I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but I ended up not liking takoyaki at all. It might have just been that takoyaki though! It was very mushy and had a texture that I didn’t enjoy. I really regret not trying it in Osaka! I actually loved practically every food I tried in Japan, so I was literally shocked when I didn’t enjoy that takoyaki. Does takoyaki usually have a mushy texture?

Takoyaki in Okayama Station - Octopus Balls with Sauce

Even in the picture the takoyaki balls look mushy. Bleh.

Q: Have you ever had takoyaki before? Or do you have something from your culture that is similar to takoyaki?

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  • tianna

    looks AMAZING! I’ve never had that or anything like it before, but it looks delicious! ♥

    • I wasn’t a fan, heh. I have to retry from somewhere else just to make sure I didn’t get a dud!

  • Falaqie Nila

    Takoyakiii I Love it!
    And I like to see them make it, flip it to create a perfect shape 😀

    • I KNOW!! It’s amazing. It looks so horrible in the beginning and somehow they shape it into this perfect ball. It definitely takes skill!

  • Sita Carolina

    OMG I need to try Takoyaki! It’s been on my list of things-to-eat!

    Lifestyle & Mix:

    • It’s definitely worth a try!

  • i just saw ur blog now, why did i just saw it now? omoh wonderful blog 😀 i miss eating Takoyaki, i hope i can have my japan dream vacation soon (postponed) ;A; i love how brave you are to blog as a muslim-american 🙂 You Go Girl! (full support) i am also a muslim, my dad is arab and my mum is filipino-spanish, nice to meet u desu :3 Following ya ^_^ lets follow each other maybe? ;3

    ~ amz88 Punky Bunny Blog, xoxo

    • haha, you are so sweet! salam and nice to meet you. isA you will go to japan one day! your words are so kind, of course i’m going to go follow you on bloglovin’ now girl! <3

  • I have had it. It’s not my favorite, but I don’t think it should be mushy.

    • Maybe it was just mine!

  • Mrs.Zac Efron

    It’s pretty famous in Indonesia tho 🙂 Since it has the same texture like other local snacks here, so I guess it’s not that weird to have a try.

    It’s also my fave Japanese snacks, I like it better than sushi or those Tempura friends 😀 We have various filling here in Indonesia; chicken, beef, sausage, shrimp, squid and also extra cheese (optional)! All served with dashi, Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. You can add some chili sauce if you like it a lil bit spicy.

    If you had the snacks to be mushy, maybe the dough contains too much water. If it has enough flour, you will get a full texture 🙂 I’m saying this because I’ve made ones at home and it’s totally different with the ones I bought on the food stand, since the mixture will be much generous when you make it on your own 😉

    You should try it in other places! 😀

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