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July 17, 2014

Sunrich Cheese Cafe

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Cheese is my friend. I love it! When I saw that there was something called a cheese cafe in Hannam-dong, I couldn’t believe it. What does that even mean? Cheese and coffee don’t really go together. Sunrich Cheese Cafe was there anyways, looking at me every time I went home from work. It’s just my luck that when I decided to go it closed down and moved it’s shop to Apgujeong!

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Storefront

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Inside of the Store

I went home defeated that day but I wasn’t going to be defeated. The curiosity was too strong. I googled around and used Naver maps to tell me how to get to the new location and off I went.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Fresh Bread

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Store Decorations

I really loved the look of the place itself. It had these beautiful balls of light on the ceiling and there were huge comfortable chairs to sit on. The staff was really nice to me even though I took forever looking at the menu. I wanted to split everything with my husband so we could get a little of everything. They were advertising their cheese fondue which looked amazing, but it was really small for the price so we passed on getting that.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Different Cream Cheeses

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Cheesecakes

That didn’t really matter though because there are a lot of choices here! There is a large table with different breads and a whole display case full of different flavored cream cheeses. There were also quite a few cheesecakes (real cheesecakes!) to choose from. There aren’t a lot of savory options. We settled for a bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese, a mango cheesecake, bleu cheese pizza and a cream cheese latte.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Cream Cheese Latte

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Bleu Cheese Pizza

The cream cheese latte is so hard to explain but what I can say is it’s delicious! It’s not coffee, rather a sweetened cream cheese and milk mixture. The every seed bagel was so delicious… it reminded me of back home. The cream cheese was a pleasant surprise because the smoked salmon worked really well. Even though we got the bleu cheese pizza as our savory option it was still sweet. I think it had honey drizzled on it which was amazing, but we were in a little bit of a sugar rush afterwards.

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Bagel Cream Cheese and Cheesecake

Sunrich Cheese Cafe Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

I think the biggest disappointment if you could even call it that was the mango cheesecake. It was good, but not quite as thick and creamy as back home. The taste was still OK for what is was. For spending around $30 for everything, it wasn’t that bad at all! The cream cheese latte was the home run for me, it was amazing!

Q: Would you drink a cream cheese latte?

To get to Sunrich Cheese Cafe:

  • Take the subway to Apgujeong Rodeo Station 압구정역 (Bundang Line), Exit 5. Walk down to Hakdong Intersection and take a right. You’ll see it on your left.

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