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July 2, 2014

Seoul World Tea Festival

Seoul Tea World Festival Osulloc Jeju Green Tea Ice Cream
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Hmm, tea. Nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea after a long day. After I lived in Japan, I really got used to drinking green tea and now it’s part of my daily routine. I didn’t used to be into tea before I went to Japan because the ones I had tasted in the US were really bitter and tasted bad. Turns out I just tried some duds! Tea is actually delicious.

Seoul Tea World Festival Small Tea Blocks
Seoul Tea World Festival Pouring Tea Seoul Tea World Festival Clay Tea Pots

The Seoul World Tea Festival was at the COEX a few weeks ago so I thought I would give it a go. I have a ton of tea at home so I really shouldn’t be buying any more tea so I just tried a lot of samples and admired the tea art. It was still really fun and best of all… free!

Seoul Tea World Festival Small Tea Cup Covers Seoul Tea World Festival Osulloc Jeju Green Tea Ice Cream Seoul Tea World Festival Mini Incense Holders
There were a lot of monks there showing their tea. I saw a lot of teas that I had never heard of like lotus leaf tea. The man in the booth was really nice and was trying very hard to explain how the tea is made. It was very bland but apparently has a lot of healing properties. There was a booth from OSULLOC selling Jeju green tea ice cream so you know I had to get me some of that! It was so delicious. I love green tea ice cream!

Seoul Tea World Festival Floral Teas Seoul Tea World Festival Cute Tea Infusers Seoul Tea World Festival Iced Teas
English was really limited but it didn’t really matter because most things were very straightforward. There were a lot of tea sets, loose leaf tea, tea ceremony items and even natural cloth/dye clothing. I drank a ton of tea and even though I said I wouldn’t buy anything… I couldn’t resist picking up a cute bear tea infuser. All in all, it was really fun and I think my tea knowledge has expanded a bit. Too bad I won’t be here for the next World Tea Festival!

Q: What is your favorite tea?

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  • c.brody

    I didn’t know there was such thing as a World Tea Festival. I like that there is one. I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself and sampled different teas. My favourite teas are chai and English Breakfast tea.

  • tianna

    what a lovely festival! I wish they had those here in the USA – I love tea ♥

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