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February 22, 2014

Robot Kimbap Noksapyeong

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Kimbap is basically the most popular ‘fast’ food here in Korea. Small little shops selling these rolls are everywhere and for around $2 a roll, it’s one of the cheapest meals/snacks you can get on the go. There are a lot of different types of kimbap, but my favorite is tuna mayonnaise! I’m guilty of eating a lot of kimbap during the month just because it’s so cheap and easy to get.

robot kimbap sign

I was walking home last month and I saw this new restaurant that had opened recently. The design of the place was really awesome so it caught my eye. They use a lot of white so it looks very modern. They have menus posted outside but they were all in Korean so I felt a little intimidated to go in and check out what the food was.

robot kimbap artwork on wall

robot kimbap seating

Fast forward to this week! My friend told me the place is called Robot Kimbap and they sell kimbap along with other foods that are usually found at your regular kimbap place like ramen. This is where I got really intrigued… Robot Kimbap focuses on healthy kimbap. I don’t usually think of kimbap as unhealthy so I was surprised to hear that!

robot kimbap wasabi tuna roll

Robot Kimbap uses brown rice, no MSG and really loads up on the vegetable and meat fillings in the middle of the kimbap. Usually there is a lot of rice but these kimbaps have much less. The inside of the place is pretty small, but it’s still cozy. No worries, just ask for an English menu and they will provide you with one. 🙂 The rolls come out on a long plate and the presentation is amazing! It looked so big.

robot kimbap tuna close up

I heard that the wasabi tuna kimbap was very popular, so my husband got that one because I don’t like spicy food. I got the clean eating tuna which was basically the same thing without the wasabi. It was pretty good… you can definitely tell a difference in taste but I liked it! Using mayonnaise is still better but hey, you win some you lose some. I like that there were more vegetables and tuna inside rather than rice.

These kimbap rolls are a little more expensive, but if you are looking for a healthier kimbap it’s not bad at all for around $3.50 a roll.

Q: Would you eat this sort of ‘healthy’ kimbap?

How to get there:
Take the train to Noksapyeong Station (Brown Line 6) and go out of Exit 2.
Walk straight until you reach the underpass.
Take the underpass and exit out of the right side.
Walk straight until you reach a CU convenience store. Turn left.
Robot Kimbap is on your left!

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