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December 18, 2013

Pizza Hut Japan: Bulgogi Pizza

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Bulgogi is one of my favorite Korean foods. It is a slightly sweet beef and is absolutely delicious on the grill. There are actually quite a few Korean restaurants in the town my college is located in because there are so many Korean students studying there. The first time I had bulgogi was there. I usually don’t see Korean restaurants in the United States, so I was lucky to experience Korean food early on. It was the full experience with the grill in the table and everything.

I was hooked, which was unfortunate because it was almost $50! Thank God it is much more affordable here so I can indulge more often. 😉

I was surprised to see that Pizza Hut Japan had a bulgogi pizza! Well, it was a no brainer. I had to get it!

Pizza Hut Japan: Bulgogi Pizza

Pizza Hut Japan: Bulgogi Pizza Close Up

The bulgogi pizza from Pizza Hut Japan was just a little sweet and 100% delicious. They had thin strings of red pepper on top as decoration. Not spicy at all!

Another great find here in Japan. You can check out my other post on Seafood Mix pizza from Pizza Hut Japan if you’re interested in knowing about the discount deals that the chain offers on special take out days.

I’m looking forward to seeing the unique combinations that Korea will bring!

Just a short food blog post to show some appreciation! ^^

Q: Did you eat something delicious lately?

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  • Porshia Mitra

    Ooooh.. this looks delicious.. never had Bulgogi ever but it sounds yummy.. I love pizza and the photos made me crave pizza now 🙁

    • It’s really yummy. I can eat pizza every day!

  • We have a few Korean grills near us, and some are pricey, but some aren’t. They are definitely fun!

    • All of them are pricy near my town. Probably because it’s a college town!

  • I have never tried bulgogi before but I want to! I always get distracted by other dishes whenever I eat Korean food

    • Yes, there are so many side dishes! I actually find that I don’t like a lot of Korean side dishes because fermented foods aren’t my favorite.

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