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August 30, 2013

Okayama Station: Beautiful Weather in a Beautiful City!

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I stood in Okayama Station shortly after arriving in Japan and I knew. These three months were going to be amazing. This station holds so many memories for me. The first time I traveled outside of Okayama was here. My beloved Manneken Belgian Waffle was here. A huge indoor shopping mall was in the underground that I would soon know every corner of. When I needed a taste of home, the foreign food store Jupiter was in that underground as well.

Okayama Station: Biker in Front of Station

Okayama Station: Entrance to the Station

The area around Okayama Station is popular for obvious reasons. A lot of the nightlife and downtown areas seem to surround JR stations in Japan. At night, the outside of the station is booming and you can often see a lot of tipsy people out having fun with friends and hoards of girls heading to purikura booths.

Okayama Station: People Relaxing Around the Fountain

Okayama Station: Crosswalk

Just going to the station itself gives you so much to do! Anything you need, you can find in Okayama Station. There are snack shops, drug stores, clothing shops, shoe shops… even a flower shop in case you feel like picking some up on the way! The entire ground floor is an underground shopping mall filled with a mix of mid-range and high end brands.

Okayama Station: Fountain

Okayama Station: People Passing Through Gates The outside of Okayama Station has a big fountain that families and school kids hang around. Special events often are held right there outside the station around the fountain. In fact, I wrote about stumbling upon a drum performance outside of Okayama Station here. It lights up at night and is a nice place to hang out. When it’s really late, all of the party people come out to hang out and it can get a little sketchy, haha.

Back in the US, we rarely use train unless we live in a really big city like New York. I miss it!

Q: Are train stations like Okayama Station popular where you live?



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