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October 8, 2016

Fulfill Your Nutella Dreams – Nutellopia in Alexandria

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Hands down, the best part of my last trip to Egypt was Nutellopia. This place is so glorious. So glorious. A Nutella paradise. An unbelievable amount of Nutella baked and cooked into so many sweets. My husband literally had to drag me away before I ate my weight in Nutella and gain 23423423 pounds.



SERIOUSLY. EVERYTHING IS NUTELLA! Can it get any better than this? I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of the absolutely best thing to get here – the molten cake. MOLTEN. NUTELLA. CAKE. So many calories, so little time. What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking at all, I saw all of that sweet, sweet nutella oozing out of that chocolatey cake and officially went into chocolate heaven. Whyyyy isn’t this available in the USA? I need to find a way to make this at home. I need more molten cake options in my life!



They also had their own chocolatey take on shawarma aka grilled meat on a skewer. They have white chocolate and milk chocolate on a shawarma machine that they shave off into a crepe which is then grilled and then covered in glorious, glorious Nutella. They also had some sort of candies inside too that were SO GOOD. I’m still kicking myself for not asking what the heck those were! So good. They were kind of like the marshmallow part of Lucky Charms? This place was full of magic.



After all that sugar, I still somehow thought that I hadn’t had enough sugar in my life. I wasn’t in my right mind obviously… so I grabbed one of their cakes in a jar. They reuse their copious amounts of Nutella jars to put layers of chocolate cake, icing and straight Nutella inside of them. I would tell you it was amazingly delicious, but you already knew that right? 😉 Also, the jar was glass. Glass jars for the win!

This place was inside of L Passage on the famous Fouad Street in Alexandria, Egypt. It’s full of really old buildings that are a beauty to look at. Sadly I’m back in Indiana now and I have to settle for my normal jar of just regular ol’ Nutella. But maybe that is a good thing because they deliver… so dangerous! Until next year!

Q: Do you share my love for Nutella?


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  • Wow I didn’t know there was a Nutella store/cafe in Egypt of all places! I would certainly love to visit it. I hope they make more of them internationally. I like Nutella but I don’t eat it that often.

    • I didn’t either! My husband’s friend found it on a food blog based in Alexandria and told him about it. He knew it was right up my alley! 😀

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