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October 30, 2015

Not Quite Ready to Let Go

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Bloomington Farmers Market Squash and Sunflowers
Doesn’t it seem like Fall is the season that goes by the fastest? Every year I feel like it’s barely here and then BAM! winter. This week the temperatures dropped and the wind was KILLER. Between the wind and the rain, half of the beautiful leaves are on the ground. One of my students actually came in class on Tuesday and her Mom told me she has a leaf mold allergy – what does that even mean? Leaves mold? I have literally never heard of that in my life. All I heard was that Fall was quickly dying. 🙁

Bloomington Farmers Market Produce I’m slowly resigning myself to the cold winter life. No more comfortable Birkenstocks. I know it’s a huge fashion faux pax but I’m totally wearing socks with them until I’m officially in danger of getting hypothermia. Comfort has officially taken over as priority instead of fashion. I’m getting so old haha.

Bloomington Farmer's Market Dried Flowers

And soon every day will be too cold for the students to go outside. If you are a teacher you know that is a special kind of hell that no one looks forward to. Thirteen preschoolers cooped up in a small room all day with no running? It’s brutal.

Bloomington Farmers Market Picking Bell Peppers One of the absolute worst things that happen when it gets cold though is the outdoor farmer’s market closing down for the season. I made sure to pop in before it closed because the farmer’s market is one of the most awesome places ever. Something is just so beautiful about all of those colors. The flowers, produce, people milling about… it’s so lovely. It’s so alive!

Bloomington Farmers Market Flower Bouquet
I made sure to snap some photos so you could see what I mean… who wouldn’t want to be here? One of my photos actually ended up being chosen to go in the next visitor’s guide for Bloomington so I’m really excited to see it soon! Can you guess which one? 😉

Bloomington Farmers Market Parrot There always seems to be a man with his parrot at the market every Saturday. I took a creeper photo of him but he turned and gave me this look right when I snapped the photo like he knew exactly what I was doing haha… people probably always take creeper photos of him. His colors are so vibrant!

Hopefully with the cold weather I don’t go rogue and hibernate like a bear. I’ve been surprisingly consistent with going to the gym and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already noticed that it’s getting harder to get up every morning now that it’s so dark and cold outside. Winter makes me so lazy! On the other hand, I guess I get to enjoy hot drinks and eat lots of soup so it sort of evens out. 😉 There was even a new toffeedoodle cookie at Starbucks… God save me from all of these yummy fall/winter foods!

Bloomington Farmers Market Local Honey

Q: What are you going to miss about Fall?


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  • New Leaf

    Masha Allah. It’s such a colorful post. I have never experienced fall to miss it. Thanks to you I got a glimpse of this pretty season. I read this article with a big smile.

  • Razena Schroeder

    Asalaamu alaykum. Love your blog, maa shaa’ ALLAH.
    I’ve been living in Dubai for a few years now and the thing I miss most about Cape Town is the changing seasons. Here we don’t see any difference except going from very hot to less hot… and fog when it goes from Summer to Winter and Winter to Summer. Alhamdulillah we have farmer’s markets when the weather cools down and that is a wonderful outing on a weekend.

  • We don’t have winter in Malaysia. I would love to experience the changing of season one day. The pictures are so nice too <3

  • Ruku

    I love Fall as well, but alhamdulillah here where I live the trees are still half full. Your pictures are lovely – and I’ve never heard of dried flowers being sold before!

  • Umme Hafsa

    Oh my I completely feel your sadness at the Framers market closing down. We had one near our house which I would visit nearly every Sunday, they closed for last winter but sadly never opened up again. 🙁 Your pictures beautifully capture the essence of a farmers market. The whole experience is just soo therapeutic. So wishing I could visit a local farmers market again!

  • Foz

    I know what you mean about winter making you lazy! I would stay in bed all day if I could!!

  • Random Bytes

    Beautiful pics MashaAllah, love the post 🙂

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