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March 3, 2013

Magoo’s HALAL California Pizza in Indianapolis

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Woot woot, it’s Sunday! Time for an indulgent pizza post. 😉

I’ve been going up to Indianapolis a lot lately and because of that, I’ve been discovering a lot of new things and places! I scored a sweet deal at Ulta, and now I found this awesome halal pizza place called Magoo’s California Pizza.

Magoo's California Pizza Sign [mrs gaeul]

Yeah, I know. It’s pizza! What is so exciting about that? Well my friends… it’s halal pizza! Let me break it down for you:

Halal: Denoting or relating to meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law.

That means I get to eat sausage and pepperoni! I didn’t eat pork that often before when I was younger, but I did enjoy some sausage and pepperoni on my pizza. I mean, those are pretty much basic toppings for Americans, right? When I became a Muslim I gave up pork pretty easily (ham still freaks me out with its pinkish hue), but I still miss sausage and pepperoni on occasion.

Magoo's Pizza Tandoori Chicken Pizza [mrs gaeul]

I buy turkey and beef versions of sausage and pepperoni, but it just isn’t the same as what you get at a pizza place, ya know?

Magoo’s Pizza isn’t exactly a classy joint, it has this odd color scheme with oranges and reds going on. It is a little overwhelming. They don’t give you plates to put your pizza on, opting for styrofoam plates instead which definitely knocks them down quite a few points for me personally! Why can’t they get some cheap plates? I mean, styrofoam is horrible and it stays in the landfill for a really long time. Not environmentally friendly at all. 🙁

Magoo's Pizza Interior [mrs gaeul]

OK, there were bottles of ketchup on every table, which cracked me up. I remember the first time I saw my hubby putting ketchup on his pizza when we were in Egypt and I was horrified. It is basically dumping some sugar on your pizza. I guess it is an odd concept for someone who grew up in the US.

We ended up splitting a tandoori chicken pizza, despite my love for sausage and pepperoni. I guess that is compromise in a marriage eh? 😉 It was delicious anyways. We got one half spicy, but it wasn’t really that spicy in my opinion. We opted for the garlic cream sauce instead of the normal pizza sauce and it was delicious! I saw that they had a vegetarian pizza that had ginger on it… interesting! A must try for next time.

Magoo's Pizza Close Up

Magoo’s Pizza is definitely a must for anyone in Indianapolis. We got a large pizza for $12, so it is a steal. They also have chicken wings, kabobs, salads, fries and subs if you are into that. They actually had pretty much everything on their menu! Just don’t expect anything fancy when you walk in. 😉

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  • aby

    that is one heck of a pizza! i would love to try it too..

    • If you ever visit my city, you definitely gotta try it 😉

  • aww…that looks really great!

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