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December 29, 2015

Inspired Korea in Indiana

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Korean Night at Indiana University Bloomington is a fun night filled with cultural performances and great Korean food! I’ve officially been back in the United States for a little over a year now. How time flies! I feel like I was in Korea just yesterday, but at the same time I feel like it happened a million years ago. Did it even happen? It definitely did. And I loved almost every minute of my experience there!

I’ve gotten used to American life again but I still find my mind wandering back to Seoul occasionally. I would kill for a tuna kimbap from the little old lady who runs the kimbap shop near Oksu Station. Or egg bread from any food stall in the street. Don’t even get me started on street food! I miss the culture and randomly finding people performing on the streets. Going back to small town life just doesn’t compare to living in such a vibrant city like Seoul.

Korean Fan Dance Hanbok

Korean Drum Dance Chicago Dance Company

You would think I was in luck living in Bloomington because there are a TON of Korean students here going to Indiana University. There are a few Korean restaurants in town, but they were very expensive (Korea is a cheap food heaven!) and nowhere near as good as what I’d had before. I think for now I’m stuck with my memories until I can make my way to Seoul again!

Korean Fan Dance Circle

Korean Dancers Indiana University

There was a small glimmer of happiness here in Bloomington. My friend told me that there would be a Korean Night at Indiana University and she didn’t have to tell me twice! They had performances and catered almost $7,000 worth of food! It was a lot of fun and the dancers from the Chicago Dance Company were amazing. It reminded me of the performances that would crop up in the streets of Insadong, surrounded by locals and tourists streaming around them. I always got pulled in when I would walk by because their outfits were so beautiful.

Korean Dancers in Hanbok Traditional Dance

Needless to say, Korean Night didn’t make my nostalgia any better. I’m dreaming for the day that I step out of Incheon Airport once again! I can’t say for now, but I’m crossing my fingers that Korea is in the near future for me.

Chicago Dance Company Korean Cultural Dances

Q: Do you have a special place in the world that has stolen your heart?

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