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August 15, 2012

Healthy Cooking: Fish Piccata + Student Teaching

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Well, my student teaching started on Monday. It definitely has been rough. I requested a tougher placement than a lot of my classmates, but I didn’t really realize how stressful it would be. I’m definitely facing a lot of problems in the classroom that my classmates won’t be facing.

The first day I was so overwhelmed as the reality of what I would be working with hit me. Today was slightly better, as the kids had settled down… I guess Mondays are bad for everyone.

Fish Piccata from Laura in the Kitchen [Mrs Gaeul]

When I got home I just wanted a healthy meal that I could put together quickly. I decided on Fish Piccata from Laura in the Kitchen. I just omitted the capers because I didn’t have them, and it was still yummy. I find that if I am feeling stressed out and down, eating heavy, unhealthy meals makes me feel so much worse and I wake up sluggish the next morning. With my current situation, that is the last thing I want! This dish was light, filling and good for the body. I love recipes from Laura Vitale because they are usually simple, easy to follow, and delicious! 🙂

I’m going to have to find some more ways to de-stress every day if these last two days are any indication of the next two months. What do you usually do to de-stress?

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  • Mmmm looks yummy! I love seafood I try to eat a delicious fish dish once a week.
    I agree with you with on making dishes that are easy-to-follow.De-stressing for me is working on a DIY project,which involves having a great deal of patience,it relaxes me .

    • Mrs Gaeul

      I love DIY but sometimes I lack patience. My friend was trying to teach me how to crochet and I just couldn’t keep at it! Hopefully one day I will give it a try again.

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