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September 20, 2012

To a Healthy Life!

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A meal isn’t a meal if there is no rice. ~Hubby

I recently made a lifestyle change with my diet and fitness. Unfortunately, I’m horrible at portion sizing, eating healthy foods and getting up and moving during the day. I’ve had a few health issues recently, so I made the decision to revamp my lifestyle.

It has definitely been tough. The first week I thought the portion sizes were insane and was convinced that there was no way I was supposed to eat such little food. Now that I look back, I have no idea how I ate that much food. At times, I was eating 3-4 times the amount of food I should have! Not only did I eat too much, but my choices were very high calorie with little nutrition.

Chicken Makhani [mrs gaeul]

Chicken Makhani [mrs gaeul]

I took a hard look at my eating habits and decided to make the following changes:

  1. I eat too many “bad” carbs, namely white rice, sugar and breads. I’ve almost completely eliminated these from my diet.
  2. My sweet tooth is out of control. Heavy sweets are limited to once or twice a week, in a manageable portion size.
  3. I eat very little whole fruit and vegetables and too much meat. Fruits and vegetables now make up most of my meals and my meat/poultry choices don’t exceed  4 oz.

The biggest issue during my changing period was giving up white rice and limiting my sugar intake. White rice is so delicious! I’m married to an Arab too, and he can’t have a meal without rice or bread! I didn’t cut it out completely, because I don’t want to deprive myself so I just eat white rice once a week or so.

My body does better with low G.I. foods, so rice is just a no-no.  Instead of rice with some foods, I put it on a bed of spinach and it is delicious! I’ve found that I’m in love with spinach, which has been helpful with salads. I’ve been getting creative with my salads and have been pleased with my results. 🙂

Chicken Makhani on Spinach [mrs gaeul]

I have experimented and carefully looked at the nutrition of the food I made. I added so many extra, unnecessary calories before that I didn’t need to. Just because I’m eating healthy doesn’t mean it has to be boring or tasteless! For example, the chicken makhani that I used to make had a whole stick of better and a whole cup of heavy cream! The taste really doesn’t change much with 2 tbsp of butter and 1/4 cup of whole milk.

Fitness wise, I’ve made an effort to walk anywhere I can and occasionally do group exercise at the local gym when I have time. With student teaching, it is difficult but I try to attend one at least twice a week.

It has been a month, and I feel great! <3 I’m looking forward to a healthier, happier me by my graduation date. My goal is to reach a healthy weight for my height by that time.

I know I’m not alone out there! We can do it! <3


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  • Hi Autumn

    Loved your post. Honest and informative.

    You might be encouraged to know that I had made exactly the same changes in my lifestyle about 2 years ago and have since kept about 60 lbs off!

    Keep up the great work and the great posts!

    Manzur (Zahra’s hubby)

    • Mrs Gaeul

      Thank you. 🙂

      I love hearing success stories, it gives me strength to keep going. I’m starting to exercise and sometimes I need a boost to tell myself it is going to get better!

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