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December 23, 2014

Happy Heart Kid Kits to Build Character

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There are a lot of toys out there on the market that want to teach children something. From reading to math to writing, there are so many choices. Have you ever thought about your child’s character though? Some people might not even consider this as education, but the fact of the matter is that character education is just as important as reading and math! Establishing good character early on helps your child to enter relationships successfully and lead their life thoughtfully and responsibly. Is there a toy or kit out there to help parents build these characteristics in their children?


Well, now there is!

Exciting things are happening at Happy Heart Kid, a company recently started to help children everywhere become smart, compassionate kids, who will become responsible, thoughtful, and successful adults. 

Happy Heart Kid has created fun character-building activity kits for parents to play and engage with their children. Best of all? You literally need to only open the box and enjoy! All materials needed are provided, meaning you can literally take their box anywhere and everywhere to get a little character education in.

Manners Kit

They’ve done their homework, and have created these kits with the different cognitive learning styles in mind. Each kit deepens the understanding of the character trait with four main components: an activity book, an engaging craft activity to promote meaningful discussions, games and role playing and a hands-on project to encourage real-life application.

What is Inside the Manners Kit

The kits have it all. Not only will they gain a deeper understanding of the various character traits but each kit also develops their literacy, fine-motor skills and critical thinking abilities.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Happy Heart Kid empathy and manners kits are available for pre-order. Head on over and get ready to play and engage in meaningful ways with your children.

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