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November 19, 2014

Handmade Korea Fair

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Yay, time for another COEX post! New fairs come to the the COEX every week so you can definitely find something that interests you if you want to attend. I always browse through the list and bookmark the ones that look interesting, if you book early you can usually get in free! Last July there was the annual Handmade Korea Fair. Think of it like a huge expo with a ton of Etsy sellers. If you are looking for something homemade, you will find it here!

Handmade Korea Fair Wooden Crafts

Handmade Korea Fair Wooden Stamps

Handmade Korea Fair Watercolor Postcards

Handmade Korea Fair Wooden Barrettes

Most of the sellers are grouped according to what they are, so you will find the woodwork in one area, the baby stuff in another area, etc. There are so many amazing artists here! A lot of them were still crafting their items right there at their booth so you could really see the hard work they put into making their stuff.

Handmade Korea Fair Wooden Figures Around the World

Handmade Korea Fair Unique Cat and Dog Postcards

Handmade Korea Fair Unique Bowls and Spoons

Handmade Korea Fair Stuffed Toys

The prices were a little steep but it’s to be expected for handmade products. I didn’t have tons of money to spend but I found plenty of cheaper items to buy. The original artwork was amazing but expensive. Thankfully there were a lot of printed art of the originals on postcards and the like so I could still take some home! Most of the postcards had awesome designs and were only $1.

Handmade Korea Fair Recycled Electronics Artwork

Handmade Korea Fair Paper Flower Artwork

Handmade Korea Fair Stuffed Toys Display

Handmade Korea Fair Phone Number Templates for Cars

There were a lot of practical things to buy too. There were stuffed toys galore! One of the most popular booths had cute wooden plaques for your car that they attached wooden numbers to list your phone number. In Korea they usually place these in their cars because their parking is crazy crowded so sometimes you need to call a car’s owner to move their car from blocking something.

Handmade Korea Fair Plushies

Handmade Korea Fair Pens and Pins

Handmade Korea Fair Mason Jar Lights

Handmade Korea Fair Painted Shoes

I felt like I was browsing pinterest at some of the booths. There were so many baby booths with the cutest stuff ever. It made me wish I had a kid so I could buy everything! The mason jar lighting looked so pretty. There were a lot of international artists participating too.

Handmade Korea Fair Life Size Plush Doll

Handmade Korea Fair Knitted Bears in Pots

Handmade Korea Fair Hanbok Pins

Handmade Korea Fair Funky Accessories

Knitted bears in pots! Ahh, I wanted these so badly! There was so many cute things here.

Handmade Korea Fair Felt Macarons and Ice Cream Cones

Handmade Korea Fair Knitted Animals in Pots

Handmade Korea Fair Fabric Clock and Hair Accessories

Handmade Korea Fair Engraved Stamps

Engraved stamps are important in Korea and families have stamps with their family name to sign important documents. It’s kind of like a signature. You can get a ton of cute stamp designs with your name on the bottom, or anything you’d like written there!

Handmade Korea Fair Delicate Floral Pins

Handmade Korea Fair Cute Postcards

Handmade Korea Fair Cupcakes

Handmade Korea Fair Bracelets in Cups

There were even some homemade baked goods. I was surprised to see the little pie shop across from my school at the fair too! It was a really good deal because usually their pies are $30 and you can’t just buy a slice. It was nice to try a slice of each pie instead of having to buy the whole pie without knowing if you like it or not!

Handmade Korea Fair Barrettes and Pins

A big part of the fair is the mural portion of the fair. I can’t wait to showcase some of their awesome creations on my next blog post. Look forward to it! 😉

If you want to check out the current events happening at the COEX, you can find it here.

Q: What was your favorite craft from the expo? Do you know any cute Korean Indie brands?


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