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July 23, 2014

Dongbinggo Patbingsu

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The Seoul bingsu tour has officially started! I can’t believe I’ve been wasting all of this time not eating bingsu. To remedy that, I’m trying a whole bunch of bingsu places to figure out which one I like the best and to hopefully get my fix before leaving Seoul for good. First up on my list was the most famous bingsu in Seoul, Dongbinggo. Dongbinggo is located in Ichon-dong and is constantly on the best bingsus in Seoul lists.

Dongbinggo Storefront in Ichon

Dongbinggo Royal Milk Tea Bingsus

I decided to start with this one because of it’s reputation. I probably should have just tried their original, but when I saw that they had a royal milk tea bingsu I couldn’t resist. Their royal milk tea bingsu comes with bananas, chocolate sauce, raw walnuts, vanilla ice cream and the best part of all… roasted coconut! The milk tea is hidden on the bottom.

When I first tried it I was immediately disappointed. After I mixed the milk tea with the shaved ice it was 100x better. The nuts and roasted coconut gave it a nice texture and at the end, I did end up liking it.

Dongbinggo Royal Milk Tea Bingsu Deliciousness

Dongbinggo Royal Milk Tea Bingsu CLose Up

It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting considering the reputation of Dongbinggo. Maybe I hyped it up too much.

Also, the workers were incredibly rude when we came. We weren’t sure about the system of the place because it seemed like people were waiting outside to be called but the main girl working there kept making eye contact with us and ignoring us. We were pretty angry. We thought they might be shy to help us because they don’t speak English but after we sat down and called out our order the woman told us in perfect English that we had to pay first! What is up with that?

Dongbinggo Seoul Bridge Traffic

Dongbinggo Night Walking on the Han

We came at the right time because shortly after we sat down there was a huge line outside waiting to eat inside. The shop is really tiny and can only seat about seven groups of people inside. The prices range from 6,500₩ to 7,000₩ and you can choose from original, original with grain powder, green tea, royal milk tea and coffee. When I was there they also were featuring a strawberry bingsu. Their shop is really close to the Han River so you can take a quick walk over and get some exercise after you’ve finished.

To be honest, I really like for the milk/tea to be mixed with the ice so I wasn’t a huge fan of Dongbinggo.

Q: Have you ever tried patbingsu?

To get to Dongbinggo, take the subway to Ichon Station and walk straight out of exit 4. Cross the street and grab the 3012, 100, 2016, or 6211 bus to KeumKang Hospital. It will take about six minutes. Dongbinggo is right across from the hospital.

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  • I had to look up what bingsu was before I read your post. I’ve had it before but I didn’t know the name of the dessert, I call it shaved ice dessert. Anyway, the one I tried was green tea with ice cream, peanuts and black bean. I agree that it’s much better when you mix the flavour into the ice too.

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