Platoon Seoul Flea Market

I love a good bargain. I’m always browsing the sale racks and my love for TJ Maxx’s clearance aisle knows no bounds. When I came here to Korea I had my bargain dream skilled slowly as I realized that the ‘sales’ here were not really sales but normal price back home! Eventually I had to just resign myself to buying them. I’m not talking about the cheap crappy materials that you can get on the street. I love to get a bargain on brand name, high quality clothing! You can imagine my excitement when I heard that Platoon Seoul had a night flea market once a month.

Platoon Seoul Night Market Building

Platoon Seoul Night Market First Floor

Platoon Seoul is a really cool creative space in Cheongdam that is a mix of different creatives. It doesn’t really have a certain purpose, rather it’s used for all kinds of creative outlets. There are many things happening at Platoon Seoul and it’s always changing. I was amazed that the space was co-owned and operated for any creative platform to use. Take it from their website:

The program will provide a communication platform for anybody interested in sub-cultural creative fields like street art, graphic design, fashion, video art, programming, music, club culture, and political activism.

Platoon Seoul Night Market Bar and Drinks

Platoon Seoul Night Market Shopping

There are a ton of activities at this place, and it’s really best to follow their facebook to stay up to date. Recently they held a records market and were even having BBQ while watching the world cup games. The Platoon Seoul night flea market only happens the first Saturday of the month so if you miss it you’ll have to wait for the next one to roll around. Admission is free and you can sign up for a booth for free as well. If shopping isn’t your thing, they keep a DJ spinning and they have an open bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Platoon Seoul Night Market Vendors

Platoon Seoul Night Market Crowd

Although it’s in a very expensive area there were plenty of deals to be found. As usual, most of the clothes are XS-M and 6-7 are typical shoe sizes. There was a good mix of women’s and men’s items but women definitely had the advantage. A lot of the clothes still had tags on them. One booth was selling a lot of cute dresses for 10,000 but the tags priced them at almost 100,000! Definitely a bargain if you can find your size.

There are a lot of unique pieces as well as handmade items. If you like something, I would pick it up right away because the booths change every month and one person might never be back.

Q: Do you like to go to flea markets?

Getting to Platoon Seoul is a little difficult because it’s not super near a train station. To get there, take the subway to Hakdong Station and walk straight out of exit 10 until you reach a four way intersection with a large KB bank building on the corner. Turn left and stay on the side of the street with the KB bank. Walk down this street until you reach Hana Bank, turn right down this side street and you should see it. It will be loud and crowded so you can’t miss it!

Sponsored: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins from Sammydress

I’m sure quite a few bloggers have heard of Sammydress, right? I’ve seen a lot of bloggers getting pretty decent items from their website, but I was still unsure because it is online shopping after all… you really never know what you are going to get. When they contacted me about reviewing one of their items, I was excited!

Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Outfit View
Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Detailing
I’m definitely a try before you buy kind of girl. Unfortunately, most of the clothing on Sammydress is a little too small for me because they use Asian sizes. Free size usually equates to a medium back in the US. I have the same problems here in Korea, though I do get lucky every once in awhile.  Sometimes the baggy style is trendy and you can find dresses that can fit up to a US size XL! I decided to play it safe though and got a super cute black tote bag with crocodile vein detailing.

Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Close Up View
Sammydress: Tote Bag with Crocodile Veins Convenience Store
The bag sells for around $12, which I think is average compared to other places selling bags that aren’t name brand. I wasn’t totally in love with the bag when it first arrived, but after I wore it a few times I loved it! Initially, the bag actually had a very strong smell that I didn’t find pleasant… after leaving it out on my balcony for a few days it wasn’t a problem anymore. I think because it is packaged tightly in bubble wrap and it is newly manufactured so the smell is strong when you first open it.

The bag itself is very roomy and and it doesn’t look cheap at all. I took it out while shopping and the optional shoulder strap was really convenient and easy for me. I like to wear my bags this way personally so I can be hands free!

Q: What do you think? Would you use this bag?

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