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February 1, 2015

Banana Tree Cafe in Itaewon

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Seoul has no shortage of unique cafes. One of my favorites is Banana Tree Cafe… a quirky cafe that is filled with warm vintage fixtures and adorable drinks and food. This place reeks of sweetness with it’s cotton candy color scheme and banana knick knacks. I can’t help but feel happy there.

Banana Tree Pottery and Flowers Decorations

Banana Tree Cafe has several locations but my favorite is in Itaewon. It is a tiny cafe but filled with character! Even if the drinks sucked, I would still love to come here because the decorations are so interesting.

Banana Tree Menu

Banana Tree Cute Window Seating

Banana Tree Banana Juice

Although the decorations are banana themed, there are actually few banana flavored things being sold. They do have their Banana Tree juice which comes in a glass banana jar complete with a cookie to hold the straw in place. Adorable.

Banana Tree Cute Seating

Banana Tree Coffee Juice and Cupcake

Banana Tree Decorations and Tea

I can never resist their SomSom latte. It’s their most popular drink and for good reason! It’s topped with cotton candy and small pieces of candy that make it look really impressive when you get it. I’m a sucker for presentation and it’s nice to have a sweet treat alongside my latte.

Banana Tree Caramel Latte with Cotton Candy

Banana Tree Banana Decorations

Banana Tree Flower Cupcake

Another unique item you can get here is flower paap – not quite a cake, but a pudding cake mixture nestled into a cute little flower pot. As if that wasn’t cute enough, it also comes with a tiny shovel spoon to eat it with.

Everything is edible other than the silk flower on top. Oreo crumbs and chocolate rocks make it look like a real flower pot that is almost too cute to eat! Their fruit flavored flower paaps are their most popular – but my favorite is the espresso flower paap. So delicious!

How to Get to Banana Tree Cafe

Hangangjin Station, Exit 1. Walk about 300 meters and you will find it on the right.

Q: What would you like to try at Banana Tree Cafe?

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  • Brit Deshi Mummy

    How cute is this place? I love the decor it’s great finding little treasures like this place. I think il like to try the banana tree drink. I’m loving the idea with the biscuit

  • Gemma Elizabeth

    What a cool place! That SomSom latte looks insane!
    I’d definitely want to try that out …

  • Randombytes

    lovely pics, would definitely like to visit this place 🙂

  • S.TMGuide

    What a quirky liltle cafe, Love how unique they are. I think I might just try the banana tree drink.

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