Osulloc Tea House

Are you a fan of green tea? Well, if you stay in Korea long enough you just might start liking green tea in all of it’s forms! Korea loves a good green tea, and no one does it better than Osulloc Tea House. If you are a green tea lover, this place will be heaven for you. From your normal green tea to more adventurous uses of green tea like in jam, they have so many yummy things to try!

Osulloc gets their green tea products from Jeju Island and they have very high quality leaves. You can really taste the difference because it’s has a very fresh and pure flavor. You have to taste it to know how delicious it is!

osulloc entrance monk

osulloc green tea cakes and pastries

I’m a full convert to the flavor of green tea since I jumped into living in Asia. It’s super good for you and filled with antioxidants and nutrients that do great things for my body. I was really happy to visit Osulluc because I heard that they had a “Tea Garden” platter that lets you sample most of the items that they sell. Even though it was super early and I couldn’t possibly eat that much, I couldn’t resist getting it to try as much of their stuff as I could!

osulloc traditional tea room

osulloc cafe seating

Going early actually worked out for me because it was super empty. I enjoyed it so much more because I got the place all to my self! The seating here is beautiful… filled with natural tones, comfortable pillows and some truly beautiful tea tables and tapestries. I was in love. It was so relaxing and a perfect way to start a long day of sightseeing in Insadong. :D If you want to have a relaxing breakfast, brunch or just a study snack this is definitely the place.

osulloc tea garden set

osulloc seating

As I thought, I couldn’t finish it all. The set came with generous portions of a green tea cheese panini, green tea ice cream, green tea meringues, a scone with green tea jam and some type of green tea/red bean bread. It also comes with TWO green teas so I could take one with me to go!

Other than the green tea and red bean bread, it was delicious. The bread was not sweet enough for me personally. Their green tea ice cream is SUPER amazingly good, so if you are going to try only one thing you don’t want to miss their ice cream! This is definitely a two person set though, so don’t get greedy like me if you go to Osulloc! ;)

Q: Do you like green tea? What is your favorite way to eat/drink it?

How To Get to Osulloc:
To get to Osulloc, take the subway to Anguk Station and go out of exit 6. Walk straight until you see the entrance to Insadong on your left. Walk down the street of Insadong and you will find Osulloc after a few minutes of walking on your right.

Hangry? Oh yeah, it’s a thing! #WhenImHungry

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Hangry #WhenImHungry Bear Eating Snickers

I try to keep it positive on my blog here but today I’m going to talk a little about a serious problem with lots of people… me included. Hangry. Oh yeah, I’m totally guilty of being hangry! I’m a pretty chill person, but something about being hungry makes me lose my temper more easily. It’s not fun at all, so I always have to make sure to keep some snacks handy especially since I work with kids. Preschoolers to be exact. They need A LOT of patience.


Sometimes, I just need something sweet to give me that kick to keep going until my next meal time! Since I serve food and eat with the kids, I actually have very little time to eat and even end up skipping meals sometimes. When I find my head spinning to keep up with my preschoolers I know it’s time to bust out a SNICKERS® for a quick snack. It’s crazy how a tiny snack can completely change my mood from foodie monster to loving teacher! :D Even better, SNICKERS® now has a peanut butter flavor which is perfect for a peanut butter loving girl like me!

Hangry Snickers #WhenImHungry

Hangry #WhenImHungry Snickers Close Up

I get hangry the most right after work. It’s been a long day, I’m tired and still have to go home and cook dinner. :( I haven’t seen my husband all day and we both aren’t in the best of moods from the long day… he is DEFINITELY a hangry person. He gets so irritated if he goes too long without eating, and I can almost guarantee if he is losing his temper that it’s time for him to eat. He is rarely angry but boy when the hunger comes… watch out! Time to throw him a SNICKERS® while I whip something up for dinner! ;)

Speedway Snickers #WhenImHungry

Thankfully I live really close to a Speedway gas station so I can get my SNICKERS® fix on the way home. And possibly grab a slushy as well. ;) They have all my faves like SNICKERS® Extreme, Peanut Butter Squares, and SNICKERS® Almond.

Hangry #WhenImHungry Snickers in Purse

Hangry #WhenImHungry Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Snack

Having something quick on hand is key for me. Otherwise and it’s sad to say… I regress back to my toddler days. It’s really silly but I do feel like having a temper tantrum when I’m hungry! Definitely a sign that someone needs to feed me, stat!

Save some hurt feelings and grab a SNICKERS… just like the commercial says, you aren’t you when you’re hungry! ;) PS: Sorry to anyone that I’ve upset while hangry. I wasn’t myself, I swear! ;)

Q: Do you get hangry? Are you a fan of SNICKERS® like me?

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