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November 15, 2015

4th Street Festival

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4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Recycled Ceramic Art I’m so lazy. Seriously. I get home from work, do what needs to be done around the house and spend the rest of the night surfing the net or flipping through TV channels. Ever since I moved back to Bloomington I’ve just been super bored. Going from international living to college town living has been a rough transition for me. I got used to being able to just leave and easily go to a new area or place filled with new things to see. But I’ve been living in Bloomington since 2007 because I went to college here… and it’s just so familiar. Not exciting at all.

4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Glass Globes

4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Ceramic Magnets

Well, that’s not entirely true. Here in Bloomington we are much better off than other small cities. There are tons of events throughout the year, most of which are free because of the large student population. If you are raising kids here, you are spoiled for things to do. There are so many multicultural options and the public library even has a playgroup for learning Chinese and Arabic. The Dalai Lama’s brother lives and maintains the Tibetan Cultural Center and he comes into town every few years. And just yesterday Yo Yo Ma had a concert on campus.

4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Wooden Cutting Boards with Blue Swirls

4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Water Fountains

I’m sure while you are reading this you are asking why I’m so bored when there seems to be all of this stuff to do. It’s true… the reason I’m bored is my own fault. There are definitely things to do but I just haven’t been seeking them out. I kind of tricked myself into giving up on finding things to do. Such a shame. But no more! I’m committed to getting out there and seeing what Bloomington has to offer.

4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Wooden Cheese Cutting Board

Fiberglass Brains Decorated

I gave my new plan a start by attending the 4th Street Festival of the Arts & Crafts. One of the best things about Bloomington is it’s huge support for the arts. This festival happens every year in the fall and attracts a lot of artists from the Midwest who are way more creative than I’ll ever be in my life! I loved going through the booths and seeing what people can do… it’s amazing how they have the ability to create things that are so beautiful. I guess I’m used to seeing things mass produced so when I see something that people actually made by hand I’m super impressed. It has to take some serious love and dedication to do the work they do.

The brains were a sight to see on the street! They are huge and decorated by local artists in Bloomington. I remember seeing them years ago around town but haven’t seen them since. I thought it was a really beautiful project to get people talking about their brains and how to take care of it. 🙂

4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Street View

4th Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Wood State Cutting Boards

Two of the booths really caught my eye. I don’t know about you but when I see woodwork I can’t help but get obsessed. Wood is so beautiful! I love the feel of wood and I think it just naturally looks stunning on it’s own. I was lusting so hard over the Indiana cutting board with the chevron pattern but had to pass because it was pretty pricy. The whole booth was magical and I ended up splurging just a little on a set of four coasters for the living room.  Totally worth it.

Another booth made adorable ceramics that had a vintage feel to it. They recycle old ceramics into new pieces of art which I think is amazing. When I first saw the piece hanging on the wall from far away I thought it was made of pipes but it’s actually made of old coffee mugs! How awesome is that?

Now that I’ve adjusted my attitude I’m finding lots of things to do in Bloomington. And with the new Lil Bub store that opened in town I know what I’ll be doing next! 😉

Q: What was your favorite piece from the festival?

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  • The fair sounds like a lot of fun. I’m a huge fan of arts and crafts, and anything handmade, but I think my enthusiasm for it is a lot bigger than my talents xD Great photographs of some lovely pieces too 🙂

  • Anamika Ojha

    Wow, this fest sound like an amazing fun. I loved the pictures you have captured. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us. 🙂

  • PopShopAmerica

    Those wood cutting boards are gorgeous.

  • What a great festival! Lovely photos! I love the wooden boards, super cute!

  • Yamini Tiwari

    I never heard about this festival before but after reading this post I would love to attend it once.

  • MakeUp Fun

    Wonderful things! I love them!

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