Kings Cream in Cheonho-dong

Woohoo! I’m back with another ice cream post. It’s finally in the upper 70’s and that has me craving all things cold. Which reminded me of a little place that I went to with my friend Jordan in Cheonho-dong. Cheonho-dong is way out on the end of the pink line and is just a stones throw away from going into Gyeonggi-do. I was really surprised when I finally went up there to visit because it is a very crowded area with everything you could want.

Literally. EVERYTHING is right outside of the subway station.

King's Cream Ice Cream and Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

King's Cream Cheonho Storefront

King's Cream Cheonho Sign

We had been Instagram stalking on the Cheonho tag and saw tons of people posting pictures of a place called Kings Cream. Those tags are super handy, because we can search in Korean and see where all the Korean people are eating!

After a little mapping, we managed to find it on one of the small backstreets.

Kings Cream Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Kings Cream Ice Cream Decorations

Kings Cream Caramel Crunch Ice Cream

The real reason we came here was for the macaron ice cream sandwiches! That seemed to be every picture under Cheonho. You choose your filling and they sandwich it together for you. They even cut it into four pieces since we were sharing it with friends.

You can choose from peanut, red velvet, cream cheese, caramel, green tea and chocolate. We went for red velvet because you don’t see that flavor often here!

King's Cream King Card

King's Cream Menu Board

Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan, but it was alright. The macaron was great and chewy, but the ice cream wasn’t good. It reminded me of that cheap ice cream that you get at Chinese buffets here in the United States… not much flavor and watery. Bleh.

A+ for the gangsta rap music though. Wasn’t expecting that! πŸ˜‰

Q: Did you ever try a macaron ice cream sandwich before?

How to get to Kings Cream:
Take the subway to Cheonho station and exit out of exit 6. Right out of the exit you will see a side street curving around. Go down that street until you reach the end. Turn right onto that street and then turn left at the next main street (there is a KFC on the corner). Walk straight and turn right on the second street you see. Kings Cream will be on your right! It sounds far from the station but it really isn’t. 5 minutes, tops! :)

Coreanos Itaewon

Comfort food. What do you miss when you are away from home? For me, a MAJOR craving is a huge helping of some good Mexican food. It’s ingrained in the American identity for many people, me included. I don’t know when it crossed over into something I can’t live without, but it definitely did. Try to take away my guacamole and tacos and I might kill ya! πŸ˜‰

Just kidding. πŸ˜€

Coreanos Itaewon Taco Sampler

Coreanos Itaewon Salsa and Chips

Thankfully Seoul woke up to the deliciousness that is Mexican food and I saw tons of little shops popping up serving some of my favorites. Most of them were situated around Itaewon, where you can find most of the foreign restaurants and stores catering to “big size” foreigners.

Some were great, some were alright, and some were just downright disappointing. But you better believe the Mexican food lover in me tried every single one that I found!

Coreanos Itaewon Storefront

Coreanos Itaewon Fish Burrito

Coreanos isn’t really a new restaurant. It’s original location is in Apgujeong but they opened a new location in Itaewon. It’s very close to Noksapyeong Station, and is situated way up on a hill so the view. is. killer. If you can get a seat near the window that is. Which we weren’t able to. :(

Technically, this is fusion food. The owner of Coreanos used to live in Texas and ran a really popular food truck by the same name. There are a few decorations for Texas so if you’re from Texas you can probably chat with the owner about his good times in Dallas.

We hunkered down and got to grubbing right away though because we were hungryyyy. We got served a salsa platter with chips which we pretty much smashed within minutes we were so hungry. πŸ˜€ We were bummed when they said no refills on salsa.

Coreanos Itaewon Menu

Coreanos Itaewon Kalbi Taco Fish Taco Shrimp Taco

To be honest, I think it’s a little unfair to rate them since they were a new restaurant when I went. The waiter kind of ignored us and we had to keep flagging him down to get simple things like water… and to even take our order. The food came and it was pretty darn good… the fish burrito I had was amazing. My friends got the taco platter and they all agreed that although it was good… they were still super hungry after.

And it wasn’t cheap either… with great Mexican fusion places in the area like Vato’s who offer much larger portions at the same price it wasn’t worth it for us. The only bad thing is that Vato’s is so popular that you have to wait at least an hour to actually get a seat, and that’s if you go during a slow time.

If the portions were larger, this would have been great! A+ for taste but not so much for the portions. :(

How to get to Coreanos:
Take the subway to Itaewon Station (brown line, line 6). Go out of exit 1 and walk straight. When you have almost reached the intersection, you will see an uphill road to your right. Go up that hill and keep walking straight for about a minute. Coreanos will be on your left!

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