#SoFabUOTR Cincinnati!

Disclaimer: I am writing this post in exchange for a discounted conference ticket for the #SoFabUOTR tour with #cbias; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Oh my gosh you guys. I’m so excited! This year has already been a whirlwind of activity for my blog and I’m taking another big step towards making my blog the best by attending the SoFabU On the Road Tour with Social Fabric! I’ve been a member with them for just a short while, but have come to love their community. I was so happy to see a relatively close location for the conference in Cincinnati, so I’ll be making a little road trip across state lines on April 25th to attend at Ahalogy.

A blogging conference seems like a small thing, but it’s my first so I’m singing from the rooftops! Ever since I decided to put 100% of my effort into my blog I have been blessed to see the fruits of my efforts. It took  me a long time to get to where I am now and although it was a struggle and I still have so much farther to go I couldn’t be happier! I’m ready to learn as much as I can and do a serious LEVEL UP on It’s Autumn’s Life. :)

It’s going to be a lot of fun with great sponsors like Johnny Rockets, Müller, Kraft and iBlog. To be honest, since coming back from Korea I’ve been feeling a little cooped up and bored back in Indiana. It’s going to be a nice change to take a small road trip over the border to Ohio, even if it’s really not much different than Indiana. :) Change of scenery refreshes the mind!

The agenda sounds SO exciting and I can already tell that I’m going to be learning A LOT. I’ve been checking out some of the social media posts from previous conferences and it looks like a whole lot of people having a whole lot of fun!

Our speaker, Joe Robb, is a thoughtful communicator with a diverse background in marketing strategy, pedagogy, digital media, SEO, editing and writing. He is the Digital Marketing Director at SparkPeople.com, a multi-platform media and technology company with leading health, fitness and food websites and mobile apps.

Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of how to pair analytics data (Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook) with common, free publishing tools to grow their audience with data-driven processes. With the tactics provided, you will increase your site traffic without dramatically increasing the amount of time you currently dedicate to social media.

The speaker will be great but we even get to go on a little adventure! Nate Engels will walk through creating a custom recipe around a brand’s product and how he tells a story around the recipe that will draw the reader into the emotional tie to the brand and blog post. From styling the plate, to the props, lighting and background, we’ll learn how to create a visual gourmet image. He’ll show how he takes beautiful photos (even without natural light) and manipulates the images to spotlight the food. We’ll form groups where we will use props and creativity to produce photos on the spot. Then Nate will share how to make so-so photos into WOW! Shareable images through simple techniques and tools like Picmonkey.

We’ll also have networking, brands and other learning opportunities (check out the agenda on the SoFabUOTR website!)

SoFabU on the Road features hands-on, interactive sessions for influencers to implement what they’re learning on the spot. The sessions are paired with fun city-specific adventures where attendees get to practice their newly learned skills. All bloggers and influencers are welcome, even if you aren’t a part of the network. There are lots of other cities in the future too, so you might have one closer than Cincinnati. :)

Jan – Los Angeles
Feb – Miami
March – Phoenix
April – Cincinnati
April – Seattle
May – Dallas
June – NYC
July – Chicago
Aug. – Minneapolis
Sept. – Atlanta
Oct. – Bentonville

I’m feeling a little proud of how far I am taking my blog. Only bigger and better things to come in the future and I’m so excited to learn and implement my ideas here for my readers. See you in Cincinnati!

Wishtrend: Korean Skincare & Makeup

If you have been following my blog for awhile now, you know that I love trying new skin care and makeup products. In particular, I am obsessed with Asian brands! When I finally moved to Korea, I was in skincare heaven! There are so many amazing brands at affordable prices and not only that… they are on the cutting edge of skincare technology. They are always experimenting to make an even better and advanced product. :D

Now that I got to enjoy all of those amazing products while living in Seoul, I can’t get enough. I can’t find these products locally now that I’m back in Indiana, so I rely on online stores to make my purchases. I’m going to introduce one great store today on my blog called Wishtrend.

Wishtrend Logo [mrs gaeul]

Wishtrend is a beauty website that has a large variety of high quality Korean products. Anything from skincare to makeup, they have it. Their product pages are very detailed and include a lot of pictures and explanations, which I really love. Online in Korea, they use this style too and I think it’s much better than a product photo only! It is nice to see the product up close and actually in the hands of the store rather than stock photos of products. Plus, you can see exactly what is in each product which was kind of a toss up when I bought stuff in Korea! I can’t expect English on everything I guess. ;)

Korean products are usually very affordable and are very high quality. I love to buy Japanese and Korean skincare because of the quality, but I find myself turning to Korean products to get the most bang for my buck. You still get an amazing product, but for much less. Another bonus with Korean brands is LOADS of samples!

I spent a little time going through the products on the Wishtrend website and so many caught my eye! I narrowed it down to the three that sound like they would be the most amazing to buy.

D’Rim D’Rim T-Clear

Wishtrend Drim Drim T-Clear

I’m not bragging, but I don’t have too many skin care concerns. Except for my blackheads! I can’t seem to get rid of them on my nose and I’ve been seriously looking around for a product to take care of these buggers for me. They are so annoying and cast a dark shadow on my face even if the rest of my skin is clear! This D’Rim D’Rim T-Clear looks great, and I bet that silicon roller would feel really good on my face! I need to get these blackheads out somehow, and melting should do it!

 C20 OST Vitamin C Skin Care Set

Wishtrend Vitamin C Skin Care Kit

Hands down, I’ve had the best results with products containing vitamin C. It might just be a vitamin, but it’s a powerhouse! It helped my acne scarring so much and really gives me a pretty glow when I use it routinely. I was using a toner from Japan before, but they stopped making it and I couldn’t find it on my last trip to Japan! Time to switch it up and use vitamin c in another part of my skincare because I love the glow that it gives me skin. This C2O vitamin C skin care set looks great, and a quick check online shows tons of people in love with this Wishtrend favorite. :)

Pore Corest Serum

Wishtrend Pore Corset Serum

Wow, that photo doesn’t lie! Recently when I was at Macy’s the women at one of the counters mentioned that my pores looked a little big. Shock, horror I know. Nothing like a trip to the Macy’s skincare counters to find out every single flaw with your skin. This serum promises results in 20 minutes… that’s really fast and a big promise to stand behind.

These are my top three, but the Wishtrend website is full of products that look amazing. They ship worldwide and are working hard to introduce high quality Korean products to an overseas audience. If you are a against paying for shipping like I am, they have a free shipping zone where they offer some of their best selling products for free shipping. Nothing makes me happier than free shipping!

You can check out the website by clicking on any of the links in this blog post. Shopping with Wishtrend is safe and secure, so look around and you might be surprised at how many things catch your eye. ;)

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Wishtrend. If you have shopped with Wishtrend before or see a product that really stands out to you on their website, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear about it.

Stay beautiful my friends~

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