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January 12, 2017

Egyptian Stuffed Peppers

I’m back with my promise of eating more healthier in 2017. It has not been without its slip ups of course. Temptation and habits are one hell of a thing to break. Not to mention the outside influences around you and the social gatherings surrounded by food. It has been hard to stick to my goals at times but I am slowly getting there. I know beating myself up will lead to nowhere and even more failure. Isn’t it funny how we sabotage ourselves when we make a mistake? It is a no win situation, yet so many people admit doing it to themselves.
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January 1, 2017

Arabic Salad

Easy, Delicious and Healthy Arabic Salad Recipe - Ready in 10 minutes for a colorful addition to your lunch or dinner table!

Happy new year friends! Can you believe it is 2017? Personally, I’ve had a lot of growth over this year but I’m more than happy to move onto a new year. I know it is all the same in the end and nothing has really changed, but it gives me an extra burst of motivation nonetheless. I’m ready to get stuff done and grow even more!

Like a lot of people… getting more healthy is high on my priority list this year.  It is high on my priority list every year actually. This year I totally fell off of the bandwagon due to high stress at work and just a lot of weirdness. I have been through so many things this year and it has really caused me to be sort of confused and floundering. I actually joked with my husband a few weeks ago that I thought I was having a mid-life crisis. I’m not even 30 yet! I think that I am getting older now and realizing that I’m not really doing what I love. And that definitely needs to change!

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